Internet Wrestling Community (IWC for short). One of the biggest cop out phrases in all of wrestling. Newsflash, if you are online and looking at this definition and are a wrestling fan, even if you only watch WWE, YOU ARE THE IWC. This is not 1997 where less than 20 percent of wrestling fans have internet access, this is the 2010's where 99 percent of fans have access online. So if you are a wrestling fan, have online access, talk about wrestling at all on any website forum or YouTube, guess what, YOU ARE THE INTERNET WRESTLING COMMUNITY.

What those elitist fans (smarks) should be called is Internet Smarks, because IWC is such a copout and if you are talking about the elitist and say the Internet Wrestling Community, you are in fact saying that 99 percent of wrestling fans are elitist pricks.
Jason: Scott, you members of the Internet Wrestling Community are all the same.
Scott: IWC is such a copout, and I'm not even a smark
Jason: you go online and talk about pro wrestling
Scott: You do too, so what's your point?
Jason: My point is that you are a member of the Internet Wrestling Community
Scott: So are you, if you have access to the internet and talk about wrestling online, you are the IWC.
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus August 17, 2010
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The internet wrestling community is a hell hole of a place for wrestling fans and you will get attacked for having an opinion
Hey all I love-
The Internet wrestling community: SHUT UP
by Best_Ambrose May 20, 2021
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