When someone, especially someone you know, keeps on clicking on related links. This mostly applies to when watching related YouTube videos, and eventually leads to a video that has no relation to the original search term. Also, this term is can be used when a person just keeps watching shock websites and will not stop no matter how many times you tell them to.
Guy 1: Hey look at this cool video!
Guy 2: Cool, how did you find that?
Guy 1: Oh, I just searched something and kept on clicking on related videos.
Guy 2: But this video has nothing to do with what you searched!?
Guy 1: Yea, but.... WOW LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!
Guy 2: Just get off the internet!
Guy 1: But....
by Get off the internet! January 1, 2011
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Used when someone is so very retarded that they dont deserve to be on the internet, these people can usually be identified easily:

14 years of age, female, over use of 'lol'.
10-18 male, anime references, no regard to grammer, and no regard to spelling.

Used to show superiority over the said retard, as in, I have more right to be on the internet than you do.
14 year old girl: lol u lyk 24 lol dats so sht lol
Tibor: Get The Fuck off My Internet before I come to your house and shit on your face
by Tibor May 20, 2005
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