Highway loop surrounding Atlanta.

a.k.a the "perimeter"
Referred to in the the movie "ATL"..."never been outside the 285". Meaning: never have been outside of Atlanta.
by Pretty White Boy September 17, 2006
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Dirty filthy boys residing in the Port St Lucie, Jensen Beach, and stuart surrounding areas that pass around the same girls.
The boys live on very high pedestals yet have absolutely made nothing of their lives.
"While I was at the bar getting a drink, this boy with a 285 attitude was trying to strike a conversation."
by randomgirl5611 February 19, 2009
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a form of weed similar to reggie, used in suffecient amounts in northeast ohio and hilton head, south carolina
"lets get some 285!" exclaimed jj. " im trying to get high."
by coolcostarican August 17, 2009
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