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Something you send to people when you want an invite. Typically used in video games and/or internet situations that require a coveted invite. Mainly used by lazy people who can't take the time to write three more lett .
Guy 1: Yo dawg send me an inv.

Guy 2: Game iz full brah, sucks 4 you.
by boooooooooooooooooobs July 07, 2011
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Internet Nerd Virgin.

A poster on an internet forum (mostly male) that tends to be hairy, fat, unkempt, virgin-ish...just unattractive in some form or another, yet is the BIGGEST hater on the board. Almost always in regards to relationships with women.
Regular poster- *posts hot chick*
INV- that's an ugly ass bitch. STEP YOUR GAME UP, BRO!

Regular poster- talks about success with women.
INV- whatever, bro...your bitch is BEAT! i bet you're lying, you pizza delivering POS!!!!
by supgaiz October 01, 2011
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INV stands for Imperial Navy Vessel and is a ship prefix used to identify a commissioned ship of the (Galactic) Empire.
Red 1: "Shit INV Aisling's Hope is fucking huge"
Red 2: "It's a Majestic Class Interdictor what do you expect"
by DasFohlen April 18, 2018
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