1) A phrase often uttered by someone to their physically perfect girl/boy friend. Usually said to convey the idea that you enjoy them for their brains and intellect when the only thing you're really attracted to is their body and voracious sexual appetite.

2) A phrase often uttered by someone to their unattractive and/or extremely rich boy/girl friend. Often said to falsely lead the other partner into thinking that you like them for "who they are" and not for their money or voracious sexual appetite.
1)Highly unintelligent beautiful woman: What do you see in me? I mean, your a rocket scientist and I'm just a cashier at McDonalds.
Remarkably Handsome Smart Guy: I like you for who you are darling.

2)Grotesquely Obese Diabetic Millionaire Man: What do you see in me? Im just a fat man who cant even fit in a car to take you out to dinner.
Gold Digging Woman: Awwww, dont say that. I like you for who you are.
by Super Gerbil May 27, 2004
Something usually between a dating couple or close friends, said to explain that they appreciate, like/love one for their true personality, not possessions or fake personality
Tears were streaming down my cheeks by the time he told me earnestly, "I like you for who you are."
by jo May 31, 2004
You are outwardly an incredibly unattractive and unlikable specimen of the human race, yet somehow I have managed to find some likeable aspect of your personality
Quasimodo, I like you for who you are
by RabidWombat June 2, 2004
1) A more nice and polite way of telling someone you are not physically or sexually attractive to them.

2) An expression often used to woo or try to get in someone's pants.

3) The person's outward appearance doesn't mean shit to you, and you truely care only for the person they are inside.
1) "Jonh, it doesn't matter that you have a giant mole spourting hairs, I like you for who you are."

2) "Anna, I'm not only in this relationship to have sex. I like you for who you are. Now can we have sex?"

3) "Hanna, do you really love me? I look like a retired sumo wrestler..."

"It doesn't matter, Hank, I like you for who you are. Now where is your thong anyways?"
by Sharry May 28, 2004
What Anna Nicole said to her husband.
"I like you for who you are, sugar."
"Now sign right here..."
by misfit June 1, 2004
i'll let you fuck me because you're rich
rich old guy: "hey young girl wanna date me?"
Macauly Culkin: "yes i like you for who you are"
by obi wan kefucktard June 1, 2004