Used to indicate that the speaker is interested in doing whatever has just been suggested. Similar to "I'm up for that."
Bart: Let's go see a flick.
Lisa: Sure, I'm game.
by kiwi-monster April 30, 2004
An phrase expressing one's willingness to participate in a given activity.
Friend: Dude, do you want to go to Denny's?
You: Yeah man, I'm game.
by jeremy April 25, 2004
I'm with you, meaning that you agree to do something with someone.
Guy #1 : Yo, we're gonna go smack that punk-ass motherfucker. Ya coming with us?
Guy #2 : Aight, I'm game.
Guy #1 : Good, let's go.
by ic4rus April 21, 2004
"Are you interested in going to the concert with me tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I'm game."
by Cynthia April 21, 2004
I would be interested in following up on your suggestion.
Let us progress.
"Shall we go see a movie?"
"I'm Game"
by Chrisos April 27, 2004
"Im game"...its another way of saying..."Im Down"..."Im Ready"..
Tyrell: Yo Jermaine...u wanna go rob dis 7/11 wit us tonight...

Jermaine:...well i am game.
by MizzTrina April 29, 2004
I'm game- I'm cool with that, that's fine, let's do it
-Hey you wanna go shoot some pool?
-Yea, I'm game
by Ali April 29, 2004