Karen: “Let me speak the manger
Cashier: “I dOnT HaVe To”
by Moo-se September 16, 2020
Used to defeat any of those terrible imagine not doing (blank) or imagine being a (thing that u are like weeb or furry)
and if you use it you will win any arguement.
you have to stay strong with what your opinion is like if someone says imagine hating (insert content creator)
use that and you will win you will be so powerful!
Kpop stan: imagine hating kpop 🙄🙄🙄💅 couldnt be me smh
You:i dont have to imagine lmaooo.
After a while, NamJoon4life has not been responding to ur comeback. which means you won and you ratio'd her. congrats you absolute chad.😃👍
by Lolorator360 November 13, 2021
A person who says i dont have time for this Lance makes you think they have time for you but the will have time for you later in either the red or blue lion ;)
Keith- i dont have time for this lance*wink*
lance- smiles
by Voltron_is_my_life June 26, 2018
it means that u are straight edge, clean, a virgin basically
if a girl is accusing another girl of being a whore, the second girl might say, "Bitch! I dont even have H.I.V!"
by Jecca baby August 20, 2005
duke depp doesnt have a projector. this means he should get one, a galaxy projector in fact !!
“willma said something about a projector... i dont have a projector so im sorry.... that i dont have a projector haha!!”
by vicky // wonkasdearchildr3n March 20, 2021
A way for the writers of destiny to ignore potholes
Writers: Dominus Gaul is capable of forcing the light out of the traveler!

D2 players: Then why doesnt he?

Writers: I dont have time to explain why I dont have time to explain
by StardustArcader June 7, 2020