Denki is a character from my hero academia or bnha. He is a fun loving, crazy person. Who can short out his brain if he over uses his power
Person: Damn it denki overused his power again

by ~~~Anonymous March 2, 2019
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Omg look it’s pikachu! Wait that’s just Denki! Wait what’s the difference?
by Pedros_girlfriend October 6, 2019
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Denki is a cute, hot, beautiful, funny character from bnha. I don't blame you if you simp for him- because I do 😏😘
Friend: "OMG you know Denki?"
Other Friend: "Yes he's hot isn't he?!"
by Shamelessimp October 12, 2020
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The embodiment of teen angst. Will refuse to sleep whenever they want because they're the new generation.
"Stacy I am this close to putting you back in the womb, giving birth again, and renaming you Denki if you keep ignoring me."
by LurkingEyes August 7, 2018
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Person: what’s that?
Person 2: Oh! That’s just Denki

Person: Denki’s kinda hot..
by Luciferismostlikelygay July 1, 2021
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