A phrase used to win an argument. After said phrase is spoken, proceed to punch the opposing person in the stomach. The phrase was first coined in internet personality Linkara's review of the god-awful DC Elseworlds story "Superman: At Earth's End," when Superman (looking an awful lot like Santa Claus) shouts the phrase at chicken-headed android Ben Boxer, and then proceeds to punch Boxer's guts out.
(walks up to random person on the street) "I AM A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!" (punches said person in the stomach, possibly rupturing his/her intestines)

And yes, even if you are a woman, it only works if you shout, "I AM A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by OldeSchool November 23, 2010
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The old guy from Zelda II who lives in a gigantic house (which looks small from the outside) in Ruto.

He is totally useless (only one hint later) and keeps saying " I AM ERROR".

No one knows what this means or why he says that.
Maybe it's his name, Error.
"I AM ERROR" ~ Error in Zelda II
by Bari April 21, 2005
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What a person who is capable of keeping many secrets, would call themselves. Because they are where secrets go to die. Implies that you are very trustworthy.
Your deepest darkest secret is safe with me, I am a grave.
by LilYachty99 July 6, 2017
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If you are in a pickle, you are in a difficult position, or have a problem to which no easy answer can be found.
I am in a pickle, my history paper is due tomorrow and I haven't even started.
by DictionaryWifi February 20, 2019
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What you scream into the ears and faces of all that dont believe the genuine leap in skill you just experienced.
Alternatively, either when you know solidly you're more than capable and people question it even in the face of concrete evidence, or when you are indeed a bad ass but your self image is a tad less than your actual self.
Trunks: Do you believe your own hype?!
Vegeta: I AM THE HYPE!!!
by HOTF*CKACTION December 18, 2019
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I am through. A phrase you say because you are done with someone's bullshit. You are fed up with the other person's flakiness and hot and cold indecisiveness. You won't tolerate their lies and bullshit anymore. You have given them enough chances to prove themself, because they keep fucking up and disappointing you. You are done with this friendship or relationship because they obviously can't live up to their promise.
A: I am through with John's bullshit.
B: Just leave it at that. Don't give him a bloody second chance.
A: Yeah. He doesn't deserve it.
by DancyNancy March 8, 2020
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A band formed by Frank Iero (best known as one of the guitarists for internationally popular alternative rock band My Chemical Romance). Shortly after I Am A Graveyard didn't take off, Frank joined MCR.

This band is now nonexistent, unless some little punks stole it.
Little Punk 1: What should we call our band?
Little Punk 2: How about "The Travesty"? Or, um..."Black Souls", or..."Angst-Tastic Eyeliner-Monkeys"?
Little Punk 1: I know! "I Am A Graveyard", 'cause that's like, so dark and original.
Little Punk 2: But hasn't that already been used?
Little Punk 1: *blinks* *dies*
Little Punk 2: *blinks* *runs away*
by SadieZoe May 26, 2008
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