Kenneth Starr

Dedicated his law career to destroying Bill Clinton all the way up to his impeachment. AND THEN went on to join Jeffery Epstein’s legal team AND Donald Trumps legal team during his impeachment hearing. Basically he’s made a career out of protecting predators and destroying the personal lives of real public servants.
“We must combat misinformation that is being spread” said by a person who spreads false information is a hypocrite.
by Luckily April 12, 2021
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Milo... That is the EXACT DEFINITON
Milo: I don't know what hypocrite means....
Asher: *points* HYPOCRITE!

Milo: *kicks someone*
Person: Dude What did i do to you??
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by NO ME DIGA May 02, 2018
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A Millenial who shames children for being "cringey" and "weird" when significant portions of their generation stated they should not do that like those before them did
Millenial: "that kid is doing a fortnite dance on tiktok? how cringey"
Gen z kid: "Stop being a hypocrite."
by taerg_eht_oznobroc November 25, 2020
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