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Nihilism specifically nihilism in its aesthetic form (skeuomorphism) masquerading as postmodernism. (Nihilism externalizes (individualizes) the irony that postmodernism internalizes (existentializes (collectivizes)).

Hypermodernism deconstructs the material form-function duality of Postmodernism into the material design-attribute duality characteristic of metamaterials.

Hypermodernism is based on the Vikaas rule, which states that in Postmodern deconstructionism, a singularity bifurcates into a duality; rather than a duality converging into a singularity.
Postmodernism internalizes its own ironies rather than account for (recurse with) them. Nihilism regurgitates these ironies in its aesthetic manifestation (skeuomorph). The externalization of this irony is called Hypermodernism.
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by kvikaas December 06, 2017
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A reaction against the deconstructive nihilism of Postmodernism. A Hypermodernist believes that the end result of all human activity is a well-ordered universe devoted to experiencing life in all the myriad ways possible based on fundamental objective truth that can only be experienced subjectively, mediated by physical sense organs in the physical world and enhanced through technology.

On the hypermodernism spectrum there is nihilism on one hand (there are no absolute moral values), and complete Hypermodernism on the other (Moral values consistently change as the universe evolves; they are set by human authorities and must accord with a rational "Principle of Utility", furthermore, objective moral value can be determined purely through subjective observation of an underlying objective reality.)



Mum the Potter: Rejection of self-reported data and all media as implicitly distorted and corrupt is a fundamental aspect of the Postmodernist way of thought.

Sally the Drummer: Those Postmods can't touch the absolute validity of the Hypermods and their new Hypermodernism . Shite, contrarily I contend with the hypermods that truth exists, we have access to it despite our implicit biases, and we can use that truth, so discovered, to solve temporal problems causing unnecessary suffering in our world. Amen.

Mum: Sounds like a Marxist plot.

Sally: Maybe. I guess we'll see.

I'm practice Hypermodernism because I believe subjectively discovered truths lead to greater control of the underlying ultimate objective reality.
by Jordan B. Peterson November 18, 2017
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A paradigm based on the phenomenon that nihilism can mimic postmodernism (intersubjectivity) but intersubjectivity cannot mimic nihilism.

This phenomenology leads to the conclusion that nihilism is appearance (emergence (aesthetic)) and nihilism is-is aesthetic (nihilism is meta-aesthetic).

Meta-conclusively, nihilism thus becomes function; and meta-aesthetic is action (first-action), consciousness, and time itself.
Hypermodernism turns Paul Fromm's static duality from being and having to being and representing (mimicking).
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by kashiv March 25, 2019
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