A song by the ultimate UK garage MC (excluding dizzee rascal, wiley and the roll deep crew), SLK. SLK
Hype Hype! - by SLK ft. sticky and somr random person.
by Loop (Yik) February 19, 2005
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Because "psyched" is too hard to spell
Person 1: Dude, are you excited?
Person 2: Hell yeah, I'm hyped!
Person 1: Why not say "psyched"?
Person 2: Fuck that.
by mattrchambers September 6, 2014
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1. Extremely excited, ecstatic, stoked, treed, pumped, psyched, jazzed, amped, revved, wired.

Has roots in drug culture (use of hypodermic needles) to get extremely high.

2. Exaggerated expectations created by over-promising or over-advertising hype.
1. I am hyped--my new surfboard rocks!

2. These crappy headphones were hyped.
by Richard Allan Cooper February 19, 2005
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when someone gets excited about something
Damn..you hype calm down homey.
by tmacafella July 17, 2003
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Something Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots doesn't believe
Guy: Dude i don't get the hype about sprite cranberry
Tyler: Nice to know my kind, will be on my side, I don't believe The Hype
by can'tfindspritecranberry.net December 22, 2019
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a term used to describe someone, normally an average white girl, on tiktok who has gained a large amount of fame in a short amount of time for doing literally nothing. people then use the term to say “the hype is gone”, “the hype has been transferred”, “i don’t get the hype” which is honestly really annoying.
Charli used to have the hype, i mean at least she can dance, now that girl that pretends to be happy all the time has it.

Who’s next?
Probably another white girl.
by tiktoker990 December 1, 2019
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