person 1- Hi
Person 2- Hey
Person 1- Hyd?
Person 2- Good. Hbu? *(How 'bout you)
by Satin! >:D March 30, 2010
Ne'Iani: hey hyd
Seirrah: good w.a.y.
Ne'Iani: im straight 😎
by 206 gang January 10, 2018
How y’all doing

by @theeeeebesstt August 9, 2019
This is someone who often gets mopey and moody. They also tend to think their penis is a firehose and they get aroused by watching young girls sob, pout, or cry.
Quaneesha: Guuuuuuuuuuurl, look at dat boy ova deerrr aint he fyyyyne?
Wau-nay: Who you be lookin at?
Quaneesha: Dat boy ova durr wit dat fyne azz joggin pants on, lookin all sad and a bit scurry.. almost as if he be starin like he wanna staaaaab me wif a football!
Wau-nay: AWWW ho! Dat be THE HYD!
Quaneesha: Awwww shiiiiz! Run fo it!
by TheOrangeKrushOne December 16, 2004
"HYD" is a very popular acronym for "How Ya Doin" which is becoming widely used by everyone. This acronym was developed by two wise young men named Alec Favale and Matthew Ligotti in 2010 over an internet chat client. The acronym has adapted many meanings from the creators and the people who use it.
:It can mean almost anything you want it to mean as long as it sounds good. Here are some examples: Hey! HYD? Oh HYD! BRB, I have to take a HYD
:It can also be used at the end of any sentence. Here are some examples: I'm on my train, HYD. Meet me at the park around 3, HYD.
:It can be used as a pick up line. Here are some examples: HYD Sexy? I wanna lick you from head to your HYD
by #HYD October 19, 2011
Acronym for "hope you die" and is most commonly used alongside KYS (kill yourself) in profanity-censoring mediums.
Playing a video game
Guy 1: "yo u suck kys"
Guy 2: "QQ, HYD :)"
by aynotmyrealname June 15, 2021