wassup, luh boy. what are ya doin' here

aint identifying you, who you be
by crux1 May 10, 2023
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Referring to who are you supposed to be; who are you trying to be; or who do you think you are.
Johnny: Don't come at me like that Joe, Who you?
by jiggaman863 August 30, 2016
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Used to ask one which gang and/or group the associate with. Much more "gangsta" then "Who are your friends?" Used at the beginning of every episode of The Bernie Mac Show and in one episode can be seen embroidered on the back of Bernie's maroon, velvet outfit.
Who you with? or Who you wit? example:

Bernie Mac walks on stage;

Bernie (to crowd): Who you wit?
Crowd (to Bernie, all together): Who you wit?

This dialogue continues until Bernie actually starts his act, however unfortunatelly for both parties neither found out who the other was "wit" and the question "Who you wit?" goes unanswered for all of eternity.
by lonestarfunkymonkey June 14, 2010
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Can someone please define this for me? I know it's urban... it's in rap songs all the time! I know it means more than just "who did you come with" I'm just not sure what.
50 Cent's song says: "I step up in the club, <b>I'm like who you with.</b> G-Unit in the house, yeah thats my clique "
by spartanjames May 9, 2006
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East coast "new s#!t" greeting. Combining who are you? how are you? and where are you at, who you at? leaves ample time to greet someone and ridicule them on their clothing and/ or appearance.
Who you at? Oh s#!t son, is that last years Avirex?
by ratbatspider September 9, 2010
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when someone says something that you very obviously already know..emphesis on the "you"! Meant to be sarcasm, but not in an offensive way.
If my girl were to say to me "Johnny Depp is sexy." I'd say "Who You Tellin?!" I know this!
by Amanda Wambold December 29, 2007
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