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A word defining all that is powerful in the world... set around four specific individuals who pair up to conquer all.
John: Oh no! Calm down, Quaneesha, I'll just signal the JART to help you, I know they are doing a gig tonight, but they'll drop their awesomeness music to help a friend in need!
John: Only the best musical talents/crime fighting mech in the universe!
Quaneesha: AWWW DAYAM, tell dem to hurrrrrrry den, mah pitbullz be burrrnin alive in mah crib!
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 25, 2004
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Another word for angry. Someone who gets bitchy and whines about anything.
(Often used by someone who is calm towards someone who is a little upset)
Quaneesha: GOD-DAAAAAYAM, I's be outta colt fo-tay fiiiiiiiive, didchu draaaaank mah last fo-tay?!
John: Oh, yeah I think I did. Sorry, I'll buy some more.
Quaneesha: AWWWWWW FUCKIN SONABEEEEAAAATCH! I wuz needin me sum of dat shizzzz, cuz mah waaaah-eeeave be makin mah heeeead hurt!
John: OK geez, don't get all huffy puffy with me.
Quaneesha: Wha da heeeeeeeeeell?? Wha duz dat sheeeeeet mean? YOU BE RACIST!
John: There you go, gettin all huffy puffy again.
Quaneesha: Fuck dis shiz , go get me mah fo-tay, playa!
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 29, 2004
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A sound meant to be of laughter used in a "retarded" way.
Also hurhurhur is often used when you or someone says something really stupid.
Quaneesha: Do dis skuuuurt make my ass look fat, hooooooooonay?
John: Ofcourse not, your belly makes you look fat.
Quaneesha: hurhurhur, yous be funnay, sonabeeeeeatch.
John: hurhurhur I know.
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 25, 2004
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A word used to describe "african americans" , mainly the children of "african americans"
(This word is often used my older people, listen for it from your Grandpa)
Quaneesha: Awwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I jus got caaaaaaalled stankayyy poo
John: No you didn't. They said chicapoo.
Quaneesha: Whhaaaa?? Huuuuh?? Wha da fuck dat s'posed tah meeeeeean?
John: It means you're black.
Quaneesha: Awww fuck dat shit, you be racist! MMMMMMMMHMMMMMMM Be talkin to da hand!
by TheOrangeKrushOne April 18, 2004
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This is someone who often gets mopey and moody. They also tend to think their penis is a firehose and they get aroused by watching young girls sob, pout, or cry.
Quaneesha: Guuuuuuuuuuurl, look at dat boy ova deerrr aint he fyyyyne?
Wau-nay: Who you be lookin at?
Quaneesha: Dat boy ova durr wit dat fyne azz joggin pants on, lookin all sad and a bit scurry.. almost as if he be starin like he wanna staaaaab me wif a football!
Wau-nay: AWWW ho! Dat be THE HYD!
Quaneesha: Awwww shiiiiz! Run fo it!
by TheOrangeKrushOne December 16, 2004
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A lazy ass way of saying.. "I don't care" - and that is simply all folks.

"Uncur" can also be used in a manner of which you really truly care but you only want to mask your feelings to sound careless and tough. (Try saying it while shrugging)
Quaneesha: J-DAWG!! Where you beeeeeeen?? I made some fried sssshiken and cone breeaaaheeaad fo ya.
*drops plate on floor*
AWWWW SHEEEEET, dayam baby I'm sorray.
John: (shrugs) Uncur.
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 25, 2004
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