Premium cocktail made of cheap wine (preferably cheap Romanian wine that comes in a bag) and Fanta.
Fanta must be sugar-free, gotta stay fit.

Red, white, it does not matter, as long as it´s not Rosé.
What are we drinking tonight? Wanta, maybe spike it with balsamic vinegar tho.
by Diego´s Dad March 30, 2022
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Wine and fanta. Like sangria but better.
I was going to make sangria, but then i thought, why buy lemonade AND orange juice when I can just make wanta?
by mcassidy June 1, 2013
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1. Any man made object

2. Any part of the human anatomy

3. Any organism

4. inanimate objects
Dude, your wanta is just flapping around. (could be his arms/legs)
by alex12345678910 November 23, 2010
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Australia slang, meaning dickhead; or dick. Usually use to describe a asshole.
Dude! That girl is mint but her boyfriend is a fucking wanta!
by Diondadino April 17, 2020
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A fat female who hangs out with males acting as one.
yo Wanta Manta S my D.
by theman32342 September 28, 2010
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It's a cool nickname for a cool person.
Your nickname is "samantha wanta have tobanca for a banana, get the rocket launcher and shoot the banana."
by Samantha and Diamond June 30, 2017
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