6 definitions by Snowcat

1. An engineering discipline that is increasingly turning into a commodity much like cattle farming in the agriculture industry.

2. Disposable code factories, not cost effective to reuse or refurbish.
If those software engineers don't get the project done by the deadline, we will replace them with ones from India.
by Snowcat October 10, 2003
1. The condition or quality of being human.

2. A self-referential, conceited and delusional concept of benevolence despite 20,000 years of history as evidence to the contrary.
The people of Rwanda and Burundi demonstrate their humanity for each other.
by Snowcat October 16, 2003
1. A political system requiring no personal accountability.

by Snowcat August 25, 2003
A swim technique for when the water is low and the bottom is really rocky and hard to walk which consists of laying in the water forwards and pulling oneself along the bottom using ones hands.
Yo Rawse, its really shallow and rocky along the bottom here so its best to just salmon crawl on over to the island. front crawl Australian crawl old Australian crawl loudon wainwright loudon wainwright III swimming bikini river folk
by Snowcat August 24, 2015

A guarantee that each individual has the right to partake the religion of the majority.
by Snowcat August 25, 2003
The Shaqued blossom in the spring is just as beautiful as the famous cherry blossom.
by Snowcat February 20, 2013