The smack daddy is a piece of human garbage. Or, when did you become such a worthless piece of human garbage.
by Anonymous1544 August 19, 2008
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A trash ass cheating baby daddy, who doesn't pay child support, probably smells dirty pussy, and is named Zayne.
Well, I just got a text from actual human garbage.
by Wombat6969 March 7, 2023
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Human beings that are terrible people and don't give a fuck about that the fact that what they are doing is dead freaking wrong.
Leonard claims that he supports his country, but in reality, he is human garbage and doesn't belong in the country he lives in.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 5, 2021
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A woman that makes her daughter date a guy because she cannot accept her daughter's sexuality. Usually accompanied by a husband that will hit on the daughter's girlfriend and get mad when he is rejected.
A dirty whore blocked me on instagram because is human garbage.
by Blistering hate January 31, 2021
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The FBI/DHS, local police, and everybody who gangstalks with them. Particularly nig**** and fa**ts, and everyone in the state of Colorado. P**ch them in the mouth with brass knuckles stupid s***.
I hate human garbage in Colorado Springs and Denver that gangstalks me and am going to r*** there wife's in front of them.
by TI Satan November 23, 2022
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someone who eats almost any leftover,spoiled,old,or just nasty food.
When you get stoned you turn into the human gaarbage disposal.
by sky May 10, 2003
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A Person who is a useless/worthless waste of space and resources. They should be avoided like the plague.
"That guy (or girl) says some of the most thoughtless, foulest, insensitive shit I have ever heard, it's why everyone stays away from them. He/She is a real garbage human."
by TheRealThinker March 3, 2019
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