A romantic comedy about an inspiring surgeon who sews three people together from ass to mouth. THEIR IS NO ME IN HUMAN CENTIPEDE! TEAMWORK!
my human centipede is john goodman in the front miley cyrus in the middle and justin beiber in the back. then i would ask miley if she has "the best of both worlds now?"
by kiss my love area January 31, 2011
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How to get annoying people to shut up.
Sarah: God, those girls need to STFU
Tim: Yeah, someone should human centipede them.
Sarah: But only in the B and C spots.
Tim: Amen
by Masolina October 20, 2010
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Morphed from the film and interpreted into a realisation. A term used to describe suck ass management structures and what you have to do other than put the kneepads on and suck cock to suck-seed, or bend over a barrel and get fucked up the ass and expecte to suck the shit dick afterwards.
That fuck tard is now paid on higher wages for a that management position that wasn’t advertised. Doesn't he realise he’s now on the ass end of that Human Centipede.
by TIMMY, timmy. November 28, 2020
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A sex position where three people kneel on the ground in a line and give each mouth-to-anal stimulation. Hence making a position that resembles the human centipiede movie characters.
Dude 1: I wanna eat his ass so good.
Dude 2: Well I kinda wanna eat yours.

Dude 1: Lets go ask him to join us for a Human Centipede!
Dude 2: Fuck yeah!
by MikeyZbitch October 19, 2012
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A siamese triplet created by surgically attaching three people together to mouth to anus. Food from person one passes through person two, which passes and is finally excreted through person three.
Oh, my god! This crazy doctor wants to make me and my two friends into a human centipede!!
by dr.heiter August 24, 2010
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Sexual position in which three people perform anal on each other in a single file line. This can be performed with either three guys or two guys and one girl. (not permitting dildos)
Dude me and Bill totally did a human centipede with Amy last night!
by Young freckle April 2, 2011
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Eating someones ass while someone else eats yours
"Yo last night me and my girl had a human Centipede with the neighbor"
by War_ren_peace April 14, 2017
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