Agreeing in a sarcastic manner. Usually a follow up to an insult or sarcasm. Such as cool story bro
Me: I just got hit by a car!

ircfag: Cool story bro!

Me: Yeah Bro
by Malvager March 1, 2010
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males who aspire to be ginos or guidos and try far too hard, often hailing from Woodridge, Ont
Yeah bros wear chinstrap facial hair, blowout haircuts and try and wheel anyone with a pulse
by Chico77 November 8, 2010
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A phrase to express utter disbelief in one's statement or story.
Mike G.: hey guys, my kitty cat is so cute!! omg!
by YRB December 31, 2011
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Fall asleep after saying yeah easy bro on the person next to you or let your neck go back as far as possible and look dead.
by GassyBurito November 5, 2019
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This word (Bro Yeah, No) is simply used as a way of disagreeing with someone usually a (BROTHER)
There is a slight pause between BRO YEAH and NO

1. Man 1: Your Mum is a MILFSHAKE
Man 2: (Bro Yeah No)
2. Your Mum is a GUNI GU GU
(Bro Yeah No)
3. Man 1: Your mum is a hippo
Man 2: Bro Yeah No
4: Man 1: Is you a batty boi
Man 2: Bro Yeah No

by Wukas March 10, 2008
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Dude Bro Yeah is a "code phrase" for a combination of any two girls that you like, or think is very attractive. For example "Dude" being the face, and "Bro" being the body. and "yeah" just meaning "damn son ;)"
Me:Hey Evan!! Whos your Dude Bro Yeah?
by Chicago Ted 26 May 11, 2011
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