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Whats funny is pelham manor is right next to the bronx but really its nothing like the bronx at all! Pelham heights, Pelham, and pelham manor are all rich. their highschool and middle school is almost like a private school. the town is very preppy and THE PLACE to hang out. If you take a good look at the kids walking to school you could count atleast 10 designer clothing items, from a distance. From the time they are sixteen kids drive around flaunting their daddy's SUV's and BMW's. The kids go to atleast 2 parties per weekend at huge ritzy looking houses. The town is full of italians and catholics. It has way to many pizzarias and on every block there is a deli. The school's football team sucks but they have a very good hockey team.
Are you going to that huge party tonight?
No, apparently they only have one Porche!
OMG eww
I know! party at my house now!
= typical Pelham manor girls
by madness876 November 07, 2009
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Preppy and rich. the kids that live in this town go to huge parties every night to get high and drunk. then they take their expensive daddy's sports cars and crash them. but no one ever gets mad or in trouble because, in this town money can fix anything. every girl who lives in this town is a bitch and a total whore. they wear all designer clothing (like louis vuitton, coach, chanel, ralph lauren armani and many many more). turning sixteen means a brand new convertable or BMW. i feel bad for anyone who lives in that sheltered neighborhood where every kid gets spoiled beyond belief!
ew! my daddy got me a BMW for my sixteenth birthday but i wanted a convertable. i hate my life!! wanna go shopping?
= pelham manor
by hounddog109 January 09, 2010
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