A person who is extremely huggable, usually a male who is tall and well built. They have the characteristics of a bear, usually in the case of a male Huggy Bear have facial hair or at least stubble. The Huggy Bear is the kind of person you would run to after being scared or frightened for a protective hug or if you are feeling sad they will also be good to hug, they make you feel safe and cared for. Make excellent substitutes for Teddy Bears.
Buggie - I could really do with a hug, I feel kinda sad....I wish I had a Huggy Bear
by Buggie July 8, 2013
Your hook-up. The guy you know that hooks you up with all the coolest parties and knows EVERYONE.
Guy 1: Mohammed's my Huggy Bear
Guy 2: Yeah...what's going down Friday?
Guy 1: I will call, Moo... He'll know...
Guy 1: Starsky and Hutch had Huggy Bear, Bond had M and me and Stu have Moo!
by Bert Bert September 4, 2005
A Huggy Bear is a man that resembles a Bear.
They normally have facial hair and have a larger than average frame. They are extremely good huggers and make you feel safe. They have a tendency to have a temper that blows quite hot, but mostly have a playful nature and like to entertain you. Huggy Bears can be wrongly perceived as aggressive, underneath the raw manliness is a heart of gold. They guard their privacy and hearts. Bears like to hibernate, for Huggy Bears they like their sleep and will stay in bed as much as possible.

If you have a Huggy Bear in your life give him a hug and tell him he's appreciated.
Person 1: - I really need a hug
Person 2: - You should get yourself a Huggy Bear
Person 1: - Are they good huggers?
Person 2: - The best
Person 1: - I'm going to find one and get me a hug
by Buggie August 4, 2013
That pimp-ass nigga from Starsky and Hutch. Looks like superfly.
"who in the hell came up with the name "huggy bear?"
by sexie chocolate October 5, 2004
A term used in referencing being the object of compulsive hugging.Very often this occurs with boyfriends and pets.
Boyfriend says to his too needy girlfriend who likes to hug too much. "I am not your huggy bear."

She treats him like he is her huggy bear.

by niried June 16, 2007
see pimp; name used to identify good-looking males that get all the ladies
Rob is definately huggie bear material. The girls won't leave him alone
by rob December 7, 2004
A person that you want to be with all the time, and someone that u care about more than anything else.
Roni is Aishah's huggy bear lol.
by aishah m88 November 11, 2006