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A term used in referencing being the object of compulsive hugging.Very often this occurs with boyfriends and pets.
Boyfriend says to his too needy girlfriend who likes to hug too much. "I am not your huggy bear."

She treats him like he is her huggy bear.

by niried June 16, 2007
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A metaphorical term often used by prostitutes to describe clients.
"Girl, I'm get'n my rents paid today."
"Honey, I just dropped my rents off."
"You need some rent? I'll hook you up."
by niried June 22, 2007
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Common lingo to define a guy who is sexually obsessed with transsexuals.
"He is such a tranny chaser."
by niried June 22, 2007
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A vulgar slang word of dubious origin but commonly used by men who are sexually aroused by transsexuals who have a penis. These same men refuse to admit to their own sexual reality that they like dick and so they like to call it a pussystick.

A pussystick may also be referred to as a huge clit or clitcock.
She has a huge pussystick.

He loves to suck pussystick.
by niried June 16, 2007
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A popular slang word used to express emphasis.
Primarily spoken in the Bay Area of California especially Berkeley.
That party last night was hella tight!

Man,I'm feel'n hella bad today.

I want it hella fat!

He's hella bad ass!

My ride is hella fast!
by niried June 15, 2007
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