What a man, usually a virgin, might say when he sees a naked woman or a sexy girl.

Guy 1. Wow! Look at that babe!
Guy 2. Hubba-hubba, give me some of that.
by Supersmasher10015 March 06, 2007
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The worst phrase ever uttered by the "Greatest Generation," meaning something very desireable, such as a beautiful woman, or an indication of approval.
Hubba-hubba, Joe, did you see the wonderful gams on that swell dame? (Presently, anyone caught using hubba-hubba should be flogged & fined.)
by Monkdunker August 27, 2003
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It is dirty sex. You are so skanky if you do this. You will die from it. Don't use condoms, they will rupture for sure. People normally scream like they have terrets during it. Okay now go do it... ENJOY!
What's hubba hubba Katherine? You know bad boy... oh yea what we did last night.
by preggers September 04, 2006
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