Huah! is what Michael Jackson said with a massive voice crack.
by fboyface27 March 19, 2021
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The laughing sound expressed by an old man on Skype. It was originally included in a "try not to laugh" challenge.
Miles: HUAH
Justin: HUAH
Miles: HUAH
Justin: HUAH
by Seledity November 27, 2017
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An obese girl who looks like the guy from "Nuts For Pudding".
I can't sit on that seat, Huah is taking up all the space.
by Willy Wonka adsadsafsafsa November 10, 2016
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A word orginiating from the Tri-State Area. Is used as a noun.

HUA : (n.) a dirty, nasty, easy girl with no morals. One who goes through men in an instant, or one who tries to have the most sex. Someone who gives it up with anyone or anything. Someone who is a tramp.
"That girl is such a huah, did you hear about who she was with yesterday? I just saw her with that guy she just met. Like throwing a hotdog down an infested hallway!"
by Twinkle-Eyes January 29, 2010
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1.the anger noises one makes when anger takes over; the words one exclaims as he punches; 2. huah- can also be a sign of amazement; really? hello? no way!? what!? biff- ahh, i see, yes...
you're making me very angry!! HUAH BIFF HUAH!!!! or, 2. speaker one: dude i did a nolly mctwist on my skateboard. speaker two: HUAH!? speaker one: biff...
by KDIZZO March 12, 2005
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the words of an angry street fighting jamaican trying to tell a heroic story of his past fights and trying to show people his punching moves
very closely related to
huah biff
and than i was like HUAH BIFF SWACK!!
U gotta learn how to fight!
by Gusto March 22, 2005
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The word to use when you have a desperate need to throw poop at a wall.
Therapist: How are you feeling
You: I feel the need to huah.
Therapist: What the fuck is a huah?
by paradenical May 24, 2021
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