1.the anger noises one makes when anger takes over; the words one exclaims as he punches; 2. huah- can also be a sign of amazement; really? hello? no way!? what!? biff- ahh, i see, yes...
you're making me very angry!! HUAH BIFF HUAH!!!! or, 2. speaker one: dude i did a nolly mctwist on my skateboard. speaker two: HUAH!? speaker one: biff...
by KDIZZO March 12, 2005
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the words of an angry street fighting jamaican trying to tell a heroic story of his past fights and trying to show people his punching moves
very closely related to
huah biff
and than i was like HUAH BIFF SWACK!!
U gotta learn how to fight!
by Gusto March 23, 2005
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