A thick as hell twat that slides around all day on his own bullshit. he commonly gets raped by his dad.
Ha ha look at that thicko he must be howlett
by Gay September 16, 2003
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Commonly confused with a large square-shaped lump of basalt. This is, however, incorrect and it is simply something that resembles a human, with a non-square-shaped head. There is also great debate over the sexuality and even gender of the Howlett.
hey rachel, check out that Howlett, its HUGE! lets go hit it.. or cover it in highlighter fluid.
hmm.. do you think it would fit up a dyson?
by matt r lfc November 16, 2007
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a dimwitted person who drags knuckles on ground
you must think i am a howlett if i belive that
by bob July 12, 2003
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