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A co-worker who isn't very productive, generates a lot of noise and metaphorically throws shit everywhere.
Those three new engineers looked great on paper, but once they were set loose on a project it became apparent that they were a bunch of howler monkeys.
by cfm2 March 23, 2012
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A Woman that makes excessive unintelligable noises during lovemaking.
"Dave, your girlfriend is a real Howler Monkey! I could hear her through the walls!"
by Adam January 28, 2005
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That fat, ugly, dark, mexican, hairy, bitch who rides your school bus that doesnt let you sleep because she doesn't shut the fuck up.

Bitch you know who you are..

True Dat.
(Jackie Hinojosa) Howler monkey: Ahhhh wey, shut the fuck up, I was like shopping at the mall, and there was like some fresa bitch, so like, I got a text from my novio telling me que estamos en un break, so I was, pinche pendejoh, a la verga ese. Ahh... No mames wey... Anyways I walked up to that bitch and was like, WHAT BITCH? Think you're all tough now, I'll sh-"

by tomatoe boy November 05, 2007
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A person who uses all capital letters during any interaction on social networking sites (such as Facebook and Craigslist). This is often accompanied by poor grammar and unnecessary punctuation*.

Howler Monkey may or may not be intending to express displeasure, screaming, or incoherent rage during communication.

*Not to be confused with someone who alternates between capital and lower case letters evenly throughout the sentence (eXaMpLe), who is just an asshole.
by icarus effect November 03, 2010
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An extremely rare species only found in the catacombs of Trinity Episcopal. His strangely archaic hair style and overly protrusive lips make him an extraordinarily unique organism. The facial expressions shown in morning meeting (especially the creature's yawns) create quite an entertaining show for any eager viewer. He is often seen making strange lip and cheek movements, however, do not be alarmed, this is just the repositioning of the cranberries and nuts in his cheeks. The frequent nervous eyebrow twitches and nostril flarings are simply his method of attracting mates. The female howler monkey (also known as "The Monkey" at TES) is extremely attracted to the manipulative movements howler monkey so perfectly exemplifies. He can be seen crawling throughout the hallways or taking a morning drink out of a rain puddle in the courtyard, however, one would be lucky to even touch the specimen.
A $killz and Foxtrot Production:

"Howler Monkey, Howler Monkey!- storin cranberries and nuts in his cheeks, he aint gonna eat 'em for several weeks!"

"Ohhhh Howler Monkey- crawlin up trees with his feet, his climbin skills cant be beat!"

"Yeah yeah Howler Monkey- partin his hair down the middle, it doesnt look good not even a little!"

"Hey hey Howler Monkey- carryin around books, he aint dumb, takin advantage of that opposable thumb!"

"Wooo wooo Howwwwwwlaaaa Monkey!!!!"
by Michael Donnely October 19, 2004
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