customer: I want a cerveza
bartender: okay, we have a Corona, Dos Equis, Jose Cuervo, or Tequiza
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People who sell beer illegally on the street in Spain.

Targeting at both, turists and locals, their only marketing strategy is to keep repeating "cerveza beer, cerveza beer, cerveza beer".
- The bar is closing, what's next?
- Lets go out and find a cerveza beer.
by unixcharles August 02, 2012
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What you become once you drink from two beer bottles at the same time. It works best at a party with lots of witnesses to scream (your name here) Cerveza everytime you take another two fisted drink.
When I saw Tony drinking from two beer bottles I yelled out, "Hey, it's Tony Cerveza." with Tony being the (your name here) Cerveza part.
by Spikeybob February 02, 2010
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