A sporting term used to describe a particularly terrible piece of play, usually due to the stupidity of a single player. A howler is not incurred through bad luck or even poor play, but rather through absolute amateurish hopelessness. A howler in soccer for example would be if a completely unmarked goalkeeper who was under no pressure inexplicably fumbled a simple ball into the path of an opponent who subsequently scored.
Did you blokes see Jerzy Dudek drop that ball into the path of Diego Forlan?? Mate that clown is a dead set howler merchant.
by dragons_redv March 14, 2009
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A derogatory term used in English denoting the ugliest person possible.
He/She's a bit of a howler.

He/She makes a minger look good.
A face like a bag of rusty spanners; what a howler.
by Adiep July 8, 2012
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Howler is often recognized as a magical item from the Harry Potter series, when in fact that is not all it is. In British slang, a 'Howler' is a boner. JK Rowling sure got all us Americans, didn't she?
"Oy, Fred, you better get to the bathroom and take care of that howler!"
by Vicky February 17, 2005
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To have a particularly bad day, where nothing seems to be going the way it should.
I missed my train, I forgot my homework and I forgot my driving lesson...i've had a howler.

by Pusher November 23, 2005
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A 32-ounce to-go jug sold by breweries/brewpubs for take-out purposes. A smaller version of a 64-ounce growler
I'm not feeling like a ton of beer, I think I'll just get a howler and not a growler.
by jimbobjamison July 9, 2013
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Flea bitten mongrel, well known for ripping of the legs of Valdameer when he posts the fact that he's a flea bitten mongrel on random urban dictionary sites
Oh, Valdameer really should have complimented howler on his nice shiny glossy, silky, tantalisingly sexy coat... now he's going to have his legs removed
by Valdy December 10, 2004
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A term commonly used in Dublin, Ireland to describe a fowl-looking woman. A woman usually cursed with particularly ugly facial features rather than an undesirable body type. This 'howler' is called so because she reminds one of a hound or an ugly looking mongrel dog.
"Shardon? He's ridin' Shardon? Jayzus, she's some howler, he must be desperate."

"I saw your ex today Jenny. His new girlfriend is a TOTAL howler! You're so much better hun. They deserve each other, what a bastard!"
by leblondebabe July 14, 2012
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