A person who looks like McLovin fron SuperBad. McLovin is a 25year old Hawaiian organ donor whos unknown twin is named Matt
Houston is McLovins twin for sure
by Christopher Farley February 02, 2008
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A polar bear like mammal who bears a strong resemebelance to santa claus. This animal is rarely seen in the wild because they live alone in a freezing arctic caves. These caves are away from all civilization, and are extremely dark. Although it lives in freezing climates it is known to persire heavily.
Eating habits unknown, but suspected of eating small children who fail school. Is known to save humans from drowning, but can't swim itself. truly a mystery. But beware of this seemingly docile animal because human skeletons have been found in their caves.

WARNING: If you see a houston in it's natural state (without clothes) run away and close your eyes, or else you could go blind, vomiting may occur.
person 1: Hey look! It's a whale!

person 2:it's an elephant!

child: it's santa

Person 3: No, it's a HOUSTON!
by avmsinator January 01, 2007
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Houston is a nice sexy man with a large penis and is good a sex and LOVES getting nudes and romantic and will hold your hand and give you a hug or a kiss anytime he also loves playing sports and other out door activities. If you find a Houston you should cuff him right away
Houston has a big penis
by Jeff horndog November 20, 2018
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The most caring person you will ever meet. Sometimes stubborn but you'll love him no matter what. He will stand by your side forever and love you for eternity.
Person:" who do you love?"
by S8tan_666 March 25, 2019
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Small town in Alaska up the road from Wasilla where everything is trash.
If you see Houston High on your high school football/basketball/baseball/ soccer/hockey/etc. schedule, you are guaranteed a blowout victory,
by Opinionated Webster June 02, 2016
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