Almost or equivalent to the term "darkest". Formally used by hippies and stoners to show How large their rip was.
Person 1 - Dude I just hit the fattest bong bro
by just a normal person June 18, 2016
Alternative name for the TV show "The Biggest Loser".

This was an entertaining watch in the first couple of series, with some genuinely nice people working hard to transform themselves and hopefully inspire others. Unfortunately the show has degenerated into another Survivor or Big Brother, and now it's all about bitching, backstabbing, who's "playing the game" and who's "flying under the radar". Some of the current bunch of salad-dodgers are such arseholes that you end up hoping they gain 20 pounds each week before their overworked heart explodes on-stage during the finale.
Hey, come and check out "The Fattest Fuck"! This dude's got the biggest gunt I've ever fucking seen!
by Choda Boy 57 February 22, 2007
When someone got so fat so fast it’s like magic
Did you see Rob? What the hell happened to that guy? Yeah he’s hocus fattest
by Big Zeke Thompkins February 3, 2022
The big fat vagina was carved out of an aspen tree by Cherokee Indians in 1564. Designed to hold the dicks of a thousand enemy warriors on their way to eternal suffering in the land of Tina. An ancient burial ground in the North
My brother M. D. Trumpeter was lost in a great battle many moons ago and now his wang spends eternity in The Biggest Fattest Vagina.
by DickTrumpet July 25, 2017
When someone decides to cuck you out of doing something that you wanted to do ,yet he decided to go of to do it with randoms.
John:Yo Ben did you hear what Chad did.
Ben: hey what did he do?
John:He pulled PULLING THE FATTEST GUERTO on our group like it so hard.
by October 6, 2018
She weighs about 7,328,324,643,872 pounds, and she has a moustache, and aaron hates her. And he tries to eagles beak her b/c her other womanly parts are not good enough. ahhhhhhh! Jessica is so fat that when she walks..
aaron shouts "EARTHQUAKE!" and then he runs into his underground cave with all his choloz, and lives happily ever after. =(
The fattest bitch on planet earth is now known
by jessicaisugly6609 May 27, 2010
When you have literaly been needing to shit and it comes out so fast and the peice of shit/turd is so big.
"Boy, when I got home last night, trust me, I had to take the fattest shit ever.
by Anonymous439227 December 19, 2022