A pink cactus girl with a cute ribbon on her. Please try to avoid her as much as you can, because she craves for cheese.
???: "Hey Houston, do you liKe cHeEsE?"
Houston: "yes"
by frothyshikkumi July 22, 2020
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A hot guy that is tall with brown hair. Houstons are sure to make you faint when they walk by you.
Wow, did you see that hunk, he must be a Houston.
by superawesomeamericandude May 17, 2018
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Home to everything except snow. We don’t all ride horses and own a oil well in our backyard. Most people here hate people from Dallas, don’t ask why. Our only body’s of water are polluted bayous, flooding, and pools. A democratic city that’s happens to be in a republican state. Our basketball team won’t go to the finals anytime soon. We cuss a lot, listen to Travis Scott, and Beyoncé. But our city is still cool
Person 1: Why is it flooding
Person 2: Welcome to Houston
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by Pierce is cool September 02, 2020
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1. A human being who loves watching other people have sex with his/her girlfriend

2. A human being who likes to talk about how great they are at their own sports.
Man, the way you have been acting recently... it makes me think of you like a Houston.

Trust me... you do not want to be a Houston, it is very unattractive.
by The guy on the train March 11, 2020
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