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A house slave, the one who is always after the master, the kind of slave that is the closest to the master. The most flexible type of slave.

Nowadays, often used to designate blacks who serve a white like they slaves.

Also see Uncle Tom
"The house nigga will sell you up the river
So to massa, he'll look bigger
And when ya bet under a rock, he'll slither" -KRS-One
by FrenchLascar187 January 13, 2005
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The word house nigga has numerous definitions.
1. a black person who acts like someone from the suburbs, essentially a black person who acts white but tries to be black.
2. a black person that serves white people.

house nigga is derived from slave times when the slave who worked inside the house and sucked up to the slave master was referred to as the "house nigga"
"yo did you see lenny dancing at that party last night"
"yeah they rented him for that music video, straight up rental black man, fuckin house nigga!"
by JORDANzzz November 15, 2006
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a black person that performs the acts of a slave, specifically household chores and work indoors.
shaniqua; "baby, fold my laundry and do the dishes."
tyrone; "bitch please! i ain't your house nigga!"
by babyshoes December 09, 2007
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A slave who is not strong enough to work in the fields and must work in the house of the slave owner. They are weaker and have small fingers for house work.
Kyle Rawling has good small fingers for makin pb and js. He is a house nigga
by Shirt it's May 17, 2013
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a man who wants to stay in the house all day with kids and keep the house clean while the woman works
who james , he aint nothing but an ol house nigga !!!
by Ms.Tplease June 29, 2011
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A lazy mutha fucker who dont wanna leave the house dont wanna do nothing but hang at there house and can only come out on friday nights.. regardless of ethnicity
Bryan Cantrell and Troy Wilson are a couple of lazy house niggas.
by Solrebel April 16, 2007
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