n. When a person is ordered under law to remain in their residence for a set period of time, usually as a lenient and far simpler alternative to prison. Travel and communications are commonly monitored and/or restricted by tracking devices and surveillance equipment.
He was granted bail but must remain under house arrest until his trial.
by Anon-07 February 2, 2006
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When someone is placed under House Arrest it usually means that they are kept at their home for a set period of time and cannot leave their home; this is usually more Lenient than being sent to prison but places like China put political prisoners under permanent house arrest where they are patrolled 24/7 such as when Human Rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng was placed under permanent house arrest after suing the Chinese government over forced abortions, he later escaped his house and fled to the US consulate where an agreement was made to send him to the USA.
COVID-19/Wuhan Virus lockdowns have also been compared to house arrest such as the new Lockdown on Wales that was implemented in October 2020 which has also been described as Solitary Confinement.
I still cannot believe how blind, self-taught lawyer Cheng Guangcheng managed to escape his house arrest... I also still cannot believe how he is a strong supporter of the RNC and POTUS Donald J. Trump after seeing his speech at the RNC during the 2020 US Election
by wclifton968YT October 21, 2020
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The act of staying indoors and never leaving your house, especially to play video games all day. Usually describes the condition of gamers or those who follow the hikikomori lifestyle outside of Japan
Yo why does Joe never go out? He’s always at home playing GTA
Idk man he’s under Japanese house arrest

He needs to touch grass
by papaoddysefs April 10, 2022
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When a Jewish person is stuck at home on a Friday night because their family keeps the Sabbath.
Robert: Hey Julie are you coming out tonight.
Julie: No, I can't I'm under Jewish House Arrest.
Robert: Okay, Shabbat Shalom.
by polbo January 1, 2011
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"Yo Bob, did someone just nullify your cheese-block?"

"Naw Zippy, I'm just in Eskimo House Arrest."

by chew_skunk February 26, 2010
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A date done over the use of the internet or texting when two people cannot acctually go out. actions are normally offset by ** ~~ -- or other marks
Since i was grounded me and Joanna had a House arrest Date
by Waverly Conk March 2, 2010
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The sentence you plea down when you turn on your crew or turn states!
Oh, I see your new ankle bracelet! Nice, doing House Arrest I take it. Sucks to be you tho when your boys get out! Nice knowing ya!
by RickyBigDick May 4, 2021
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