When you do your things alone by your own motivation
She is self-taught, she made her own props
by unicorns_n_rainbows November 16, 2017
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Something bad artists use as an excuse or reason as to why they aren’t very good, rather than admitting they don’t practice. These people often don’t know that nearly all artists are self taught, and that having a teacher doesn’t make you an amazing artist.
Amy “Damn Chad I wish I could draw like that, but I’m a self taught artist, can you teach me?”
Chad “You’re just garbage.”
by Smelly Property December 24, 2019
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A girl that owns a set of makeup brushes and a morphe eyeshadow palette and acts like she is a beauty guru because her auntie let her do make up on her niece for a dance show once. Their makeup is usually cakey and they think they are all it. Will eventualoy put it in their bio on instagram to grt attention and make a site for their makeup looks to get customers and earn money. All of her customers are her friends that dont know any bettet themselves.
My mum just bought me the anastasia glow kit. Bitches come at me I'm a self taught MUA now!! Hater gonna hate xoxox

Anyone want a makeup appointment with me? Deposit £10
by toonicelol2000 February 23, 2018
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