A term for a woman that annoys me. Not an annoying woman, one who is annoying me currently.
Wow Kim is being a total hotch. Wow Kim = hotchface

by Quinton Canales January 8, 2008
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1. To have sex with a person with complete disreguard for their physical and emotional well being.

2. To flagrantly break a well known rule and receive little or no consequences; to not learn from former mistakes.

3. A state of being arrising from consuming an inappropriate amount of a substance.
I hotched that girl without protection, totally hotching it after I was hotched on 80 cigarettes and 40 beers, Bro-sef.
by The OG123 October 15, 2006
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1.Bi-Hotch, Trick, Mean Person,Hoe, See samantha
2.A best friend
3. See cuu
1. That girl is such a hotch
2. Whats up my hotch??
3. Ya hotch you know it!
by TrckLuvTheKidz February 11, 2003
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Something or someone you are disgusted by.
"that girl is absolutley hotching" Said Gorley
"this burger tastes hotching."
"she is a hotcher!"
by cinimonsheep February 24, 2011
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To move oneself horizontally across an inanimate object e.g. a bed without the use of arms or legs
Actor 1: *Hotching away nonchalently in his sleep*

Actor 2: "Stop hotching up the bed its gonna break!"

Narrator: A loud *snap* sound echoes through the room

Actor1: *Falls to the floor in a bumbling fashion*
by keeperpeeper March 8, 2010
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ho + bitch = hotch
white girl:what a bitch.
asian girl:she is a whore.
back girl: dat gurl is a HOTCH!
by your mom March 7, 2004
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