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Something or someone you are disgusted by.
"that girl is absolutley hotching" Said Gorley
"this burger tastes hotching."
"she is a hotcher!"
by cinimonsheep February 24, 2011
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To move oneself horizontally across an inanimate object e.g. a bed without the use of arms or legs
Actor 1: *Hotching away nonchalently in his sleep*

Actor 2: "Stop hotching up the bed its gonna break!"

Narrator: A loud *snap* sound echoes through the room

Actor1: *Falls to the floor in a bumbling fashion*
by keeperpeeper March 08, 2010
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1) Ugly, to the point of distraction, mainly used to describe women.

2) Disgusting, stinking or Minging

Often used to describe the ugliest of women, the ones where even a great personality won't save them. Hotching women tend to own several cats, they see them as their "children", you have been warned!!!
1) "That lass you pulled last night was hotching!"
2) "Tell me about it, one her cats even shat in my shoe, she was a stinking swamp donkey!"
by Lambardo September 24, 2006
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