Is anyone else burning up? It's burning hot in here. I wonder why? Oh it's cause an Evan is in here.
by yespersonno May 13, 2021
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the pposite of cold
It wasn't in the freezer so it was hot
via giphy
by KewlKidDan May 11, 2017
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word โ€˜ hot โ€˜ has a lot of ways of spelling, mostly used as Draco Malfoy or Tom Felton. So you can use words โ€˜ Draco Malfoy โ€˜ or โ€˜ Tom Felton โ€˜ instead of hot.
wow this boy is hot.
no this boy is draco malfoy/tom felton .
by slytherin.lmao January 10, 2021
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Is his name arch if so it makes sense because they are hot
by Hottie is warch January 02, 2021
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a meme way of saying you're angry or if you find something funny
"Jeff? Can't believe I was in love with that kid. I'm HOT"
by euIaIie December 18, 2018
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