Hot tea is when something reeeeaaallllyyy juicy happens. like a scandal or just an iconic moment.
guy 1: omg did you hear that alissa cheated on mike?

guy 2: omg with who?

guy 1: she cheated on him with drew.

by tea meaning July 25, 2018
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N: Something that is, totally original, and or is very cool looking, useful, or just plain awsome.
That 240sx is hot tea.
by NoEmos June 16, 2004
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When annoying girls "spill" drama
They usually say "imma spill some tea" as reetering to "I'm going to tell you some drama"
Girl 1: hey gurl let me spill some hot tea
Girl 2: Yas gurrll
Girl 1: The tea is especially hot today!
by ramen_n July 16, 2018
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The extremely rare, discomfiting, and alarming phenomenon where one's scrotum makes contact with the water in a sit toilet. Attributed to the confluence of hot weather, which makes the sack hang especially low, and a plugged toilet, which makes the water level especially high. This hot/cold disparity amplifies the shock of the completely unexpected immersion.
Albert nearly had a coronary from the hot tea episode in the men's room stall at the Sizzler. The shocking, icy grip of the rising water on his dangling nuts made him catapult off of the toilet seat.
by Herr Stehpinkler August 6, 2010
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1. a euphemism for hottie, used in the show "Arrested Development" by Lucille Bluth
2. a technique used in fellatio, sipping tea at regular intervals to warm the mouth
She performed a hot tea on a hot tea.
by Crassius July 28, 2013
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A Hot Tea Box is when you fart in your ladies face while tea bagging her.
Patch told us he gave a Hot Tea Box to Carolyn last night and we laughed.
by PrimeTime420 September 3, 2009
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When a male take his own penis and inserts it in to his own rectum and then urinates
Hot tea cup is when (My partner grabbed the handle of the hot teacup and then the tea poured all over my partner and it was hot in my anus and on my partners chest.)
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