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(Sexual) service provider; courtesan; prostitute
The Canadian Escort Review Board has a SP-only section to warn each other of bad johns.
by Crassius April 11, 2009

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When the end of a sporting event that runs past its scheduled time slot gets preempted by other programming. Refers to the 1968 Oakland Raiders comeback over the New York Jets that NBC left prematurely to broadcast the movie "Heidi."
Wisconsin's Jordan Taylor launched a three-pointer that could have won the game. The ball was midflight when CBS switched to another game. If he'd made the shot, it would have been a Heidi moment of epic proportions.
by Crassius May 24, 2010

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corner office (obsolete; hard-boiled slang)
Frank Smith: What did the Captain want?
Joe Friday: He’s raising the roof. Says he just got a call from the corner pocket. They’re leaning all over him. Says he’s tired of answering questions. Says we better come up with some of the answers for him.
The Big Mole - Dragnet (1950)
by Crassius May 12, 2021

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to have sexual intercourse
not considered offensive enough to be censored from network TV
The OED dates boink as a verb back to 1984, citing Stephen King's "Thinner," where it appears to be used as onomatopoeia, similar to bonk: "He half-expected them to begin bopping and boinking each other."
This precedes usage in the 1985 episode of "Moonlighting" titled "The Next Murder You Hear."
David: It makes you crazy to think that anybody out there is boinking when you can’t.
Maddie: I can't hear you.
by Crassius October 06, 2020

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In psychology, one who lacks interests, but rather lives vicariously through others' enjoyments. Often seen in those with narcissistic personality disorder and those suffering post-narcissistic stress disorder, using others' reactions to determine if one should be satisfied. Betrays a pathological self-denial and codependency, perhaps resulting from a demanding parent in childhood.
He was indifferent to his own orgasms. Being a vampire, he was never satisfied until she came several times.

Vampire boyfriend: I'm only happy when you're happy.

General Sternwood in "The Big Sleep," of having to enjoy drinking only by watching others do so: "A nice state of affairs when a man has to indulge his vices by proxy."
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by Crassius September 13, 2019

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tight-fitting designer briefs for men
I prefer boxers to wearing a frenchie.
by Crassius February 08, 2019

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a dog whistle, or coded racial epithet, intended to galvanize white voters;

also, "strapping young buck," as used by Reagan;

the epithet “buck” has long been used to conjure the threatening image of a physically powerful black man, often one who defies white authority and who lusts for white women
Reagan deliberately used Nixon's Southern strategy when he referred in a 1976 speech to strapping young bucks using public assistance to buy T-bone steak at the grocery store.
by Crassius February 10, 2018

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