Bluth is a month in-between November and December, created by Scott Wozniak in "A Very Madden 08 Christmas", in order to make the lead up to Christmas more exciting.
Hey All, Scott here. And do I ever have a beef with the National Calendar Society; months are opinions not statements, so welcome to the month of Bluth!
by FizzyChalice December 24, 2020
Bluth is a surname of Germanic origin. Originating in the Hanseatic-League city of Stralsund, in Pomerania. Bluth is a variant of "Blut", meaning Blood in German. Iterations of the name can be traced back for more than six centuries.
Bluth ist dicker als Wasser
by Blut und Eisen March 23, 2018
one of the few American animators that was ever able to contend with Disney and is best know for his films The Secret of NIMH, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Anastasia,and An American Tail.
Anna: hey didn't Disney make An American Tail
Lissy: no way that was Don Bluth, disney could never come up with something so good.
by fae430 August 16, 2009
Michael Bluth's brother from the 2007 TV series, Arrested Developement. Juggling being a part time hated magician, part time president/Vice President of his family's company, and full time Lady's Man, Gob has a lot to handle in his life.
Yo dude, I was watching Gob Bluth ride on his Segway on the show, and that man is a riot!
by Joey Cracker October 30, 2013