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Any coinage which has been inserted into one's ass and then recirculated. Becomes a breathmint if you can somehow fool someone into sucking on it.
"You know, sucking on pennies helps clear booze from your breath", offered Trevor.

"No shit", responded Carol.

"Uhh, yeah, that's right, no shit", a smirking Trevor responded as he handed over a few Tijuana breathmints.
by Herr Stehpinkler March 10, 2005

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A collosal turd passed with great pain after a long bout of constipation. Sometimes resembles a coffee can in shape and size, and is often accompanied by some rectal tearing and the blood resulting therefrom (a sort of afterbirth).
From the groaning, sweating, and grinding of teeth, it was obvious to Brett that a fecal infant was being delivered into this world.
by Herr Stehpinkler March 12, 2005

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Fecal matter which resembles the anti-infantry cannon ammunition grapeshot, which itself resembles a cluster of grapes. Contrast with the smooth, tubular shape of a typical, healthy bowel movement.
Barry's low-fiber diet was evident from the fusillade of grapeshit released in his recent bowel movements.
by Herr Stehpinkler August 24, 2011

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notice spelling The act of vomiting into a dialated anus.
The view of Lisa's gaping asshole presented Cliff only one option: to tickle his tonsils and go for the Technicolon yawn.
by Herr Stehpinkler June 04, 2005

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The extremely rare, discomfiting, and alarming phenomenon where one's scrotum makes contact with the water in a sit toilet. Attributed to the confluence of hot weather, which makes the sack hang especially low, and a plugged toilet, which makes the water level especially high. This hot/cold disparity amplifies the shock of the completely unexpected immersion.
Albert nearly had a coronary from the hot tea episode in the men's room stall at the Sizzler. The shocking, icy grip of the rising water on his dangling nuts made him catapult off of the toilet seat.
by Herr Stehpinkler August 06, 2010

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the act of ejaculating in one's hand, calling attention to oneself, and then flinging the jizz in another's face. Always followed withe an exclamation of "How was the play!" Can be done during sex or under normal daily circumstances.
"Hey Mary!"


"How was the play!"

by Herr Stehpinkler June 04, 2005

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The act of performing fellatio on a dump as it is leaving the rectum. Best performed on a man when he is laying on his back and passing the turd with his legs pulled over his head.
You know, I think Sarah really digs me. For instance, after we went out for Mexican the other night, she totally gave me a corn job. Made her come, no less.
by Herr Stehpinkler March 10, 2005

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