Hosni are defined as sexy people, that are very intelligent and have a great lifestyle.
by Hosni August 26, 2008
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such a goat, but a bipolar : he can be the darkest sasuke or sometimes the most sociable.

A beautiful, hot, funny, and intelligent male who behaves like a lion who loves to drive good cars. Has beautiful eyes and a amazing sixpack. Considered to be the perfect husband/boyfriend by girls. Many girls fantasize about Hosni and wish they would get a ride him.

To be blunt, a badass... this person is really cool and has an amazing body (abs, chest, penis, ass and etc.)
Everyone looks up to him and wants to get with him
pov your name is hosni : goat
pov your name isn't hosni : bruuuh
by loraine la thug December 5, 2021
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a terribly unattractive and herpes infested swine dictator; a quality describing someone who never knows when to quit.
(when your friend is being a major jerk) Don't be so hosni, man!
by hussymabrook March 2, 2011
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a psychotic ex-boyfriend who fails to understand it's over.
Damn it Leila, your boyfriend just won't understand you're not together anymore, What a Hosni-Mubarak!
by Mano-Elwishahy February 10, 2011
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Derived from the Supreme leader of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak,
a Hosni scheme is when a person in charge resigns but
fails to relinquish power.
Our boss just pulled a Hosni scheme. He said he was going
to quit, but not until eight months from now.
by goldandsilverowner February 2, 2011
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the presedent of egypt for 24 years and will be until i become 1oo years old.
nothing mohamed hosni mobarak
by bill clenton September 13, 2005
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Someone who makes sodomy for Egypt and Egyptian people everyday for more than 25 years (i.e. president of Egypt).
by OsirisAmon April 12, 2007
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