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A hosni is used to describe a deformed mentally challenged diabetic transgendered person. They usually get triggered by innocent people. They are very obese and always beat smaller people. Their hobbies are masturbating in public, places such as restaurants, Parks, schools etc.
Hosni: Beats person*

Khairi: stop being such a hosni

Hosni: call me hosni ah I will fuck u ah
by Osama bin hosni October 25, 2019
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Hosni are defined as sexy people, that are very intelligent and have a great lifestyle.
by Hosni August 26, 2008
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a terribly unattractive and herpes infested swine dictator; a quality describing someone who never knows when to quit.
(when your friend is being a major jerk) Don't be so hosni, man!
by hussymabrook March 02, 2011
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