When fonts or design elements are clunky, too large, or unrefined.
Wow, your text looks horsey. You should tighten up the spacing and make it smaller.
by maybe you should August 24, 2010
To behave in a wild or difficult manner.
"Man, these children are damn horsey tonight"
by Elise Thompson March 11, 2021
When you lose self control under the influence of alchahol.

A highly intoxicated person
It's my birthday on sat, I want to get "horsey"

Sorry about last night, I got too "horsed".

One of the boys was "horsing" it and got into a fight with the bouncers
by Ink knife clothing co September 3, 2017
An abnormal penis that bends upright too much when erect, like a horse's penis
Aw man, that guys got a huge horsey. It's probably his first time having sex.
by bigblackie69ADW October 2, 2010
A great thing to call someone who is sexy as fuck and likes pancakes named jack.
by bugra horsey June 26, 2018
A sexual fetish/ act where you flip a twirled up towel, or pillow, then flip it over your partners head like a set of reins whilst banging them doggy style.
I spiced things up last night whilst banging my girlfriend's sister. Using my towel I banged her horsey style.
by The Horsey March 29, 2016
When you moss someone in football so you yell “Horsey”
T.S: Horsey!
Sam:Fuck off .
by just a nibba tryna fuk December 27, 2019