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To bullshit someone. Pull thier leg. Being sarcasticly serious.
Joe: I smashed box with a 300 pound wildabeast yesterday.

Jordan: Are you horsing me right now? A 300 pounder?
by Troy16 February 12, 2008
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Derives from the use of the word 'riding' to refer to sexual intercourse. It is undecided as to whether the word can be used only if the subject of the verb was on top (the one doing the horsing).
I was horsing my boyfriend all night.

I horsed a hoe on the back seat of my dad's jeep.
by sosweet August 17, 2007
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Doing something really well, or in excess. Can also be used to describe a person (taking on the form of horse) who does the same.
1. God damn, he's already drank half that handle! That motherfucker is horsing.

2. He passed the Navy Seals training, what a horse.
by wildlime July 23, 2014
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horsing /hawr-sing\ verb; the act of having sex with a horse while riding it, this could be done in a number of ways but is most commonly done by have sex with the back crack in every horses back, or by simply having anal sex with it.
by Some Douch April 11, 2011
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The easiest way to decribe someone that goes to ride horses at events aka: equestrian
She had a horsing advent to go to on Sunday
by Abigail Ruksznis June 08, 2005
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verb: drinking excessively, doing drungs excesively, having sex very rough with no respect for the girl, beating someone down
ive been horsing beers all day, i horsed a fat line last night, i horsed her so good she wont walk straight for a week, i horsed this dude repeatedly until he was in convulsions.
by R Burgandy August 28, 2007
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