a device for turning money into shit and injuries.
Every Saturday afternoon, the hospital has at least 5 or 6 horse injury cases.

Oats + bran + hay + horse = very expensive shit.
by George McBob May 17, 2009
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1. Slang for heroin.

2. Slang for a sexually attractive woman. Possible echo of whore.

3. An artificial frame of one kind or another, such as a clothes horse (used to hang clothes to dry) or a pommel horse (a sturdier structure used in gymnastics).

4. Slang for sex (a horse's body often seems to closely echo human sexual features, only considerably souped up; the shapely rump, the tapering legs, the long straight hair in the tail, the phallic head and neck, the often well-defined muscles ...,).

5. An animal that, whatever about looking erotic, would be a lot more pleasant if it were genetically engineered not to be so flipping neurotic, and maybe to smell like oranges, or perhaps fresh mint, rather than shit and stale sweat.
I want to mainline me some horse.

Is Lily a horse or is she just a filly?

He's not yet that good on the pommel horse.

I want some horse with Jenny tonight.

Bring the horses down to the green shed, there is hay for them there.
by Fearman March 06, 2008
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An uncircumcised penis. This was commonly used where I grew up in the rural midwest during the 1950's. A circumcised penis was called an "ice cream cone."
"I've got an ice cream cone, but Tom and his brother Joe have horses so they can play with the skin."
by migringito April 21, 2009
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Similar to the basket ball game accept played in a night club with chicks...A group of guys (that have swagger) take turns approaching women and trying to pull of gratuitous 'shot's without bricking / getting rejected, ie. kissing, groping, hugging, dancing, etc.

Once a guy pulls off a 'shot' with a chick, the following guys have to attempt and make the same 'shot' with the same / different chick or get a letter.
After their first round at the bar, the group of guys decided to play H.O.R.S.E. Justice was first and approached a girl he didn't know in the club and starting kissing her with tongue without getting rejected...Jeremy was up next and had to pull of the same 'shot' or get a 'H'.
by 1Justice4All December 02, 2009
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Gambling term for the person, team, racer, ect. that you're betting on or rooting for.

Origins have roots to off track gambling.
How's that horse of ours doing?

Man he's in last place.
by jbjks May 06, 2016
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