How one might spell the name, "Jorge" if they can't spell Spanish names.
The spelling, "H-O-R-H-A-Y" is because it sounds just like that when spoken.
Hey, wasn't there somebody named Horhay Posada in baseball?
by Telephony December 19, 2013
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When one or more drones collide with each other
Oh that sucks Peter. You got Horhayed on the chicane.
by t.goat July 20, 2018
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a whore. a hot looking whore/female that you would want to mac
ide mac with that horhay.
by ARS0N February 26, 2007
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A barbarian parody of the genre of science fantasy, created by Robert Lee Noogles. Horhay, the giant from northern Bavaria, wanders through the insane world of Toadsuck to find his destiny as King of Fools.
"Horhay's massive fist crashed down onto the dimunitive thief's pate, driving akelter his spine and fracturing his shaven skull."
by Steve March 15, 2004
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a straight guy who commonly is mistaken for being gay
"is that guy gay?" "no, its horhay wang, he's straight as the former twin towers"
by IAmAStraightAsian March 19, 2021
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A pedophile that lurks in the deepest nether regions of mud puddles. He also very much enjoys to give the good succ to little children still on the clock. Faps to large amounts of loli porn. We love him though because we lack real friends.
Person 1: What's that crusty penis in that elementary school yard mud puddle?
Person 2: That's Horhay The Mexican Mudcrab.
by Girl with a dick June 23, 2018
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