A retard, one who lives at Hope Haven.
by T. LeMonds November 11, 2003
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A person (usually over 18) who has no job, no money and no hope in life (hence the name). No-Hopers live on the dole and usually drop out of school early. They do nothing but ride on their bikes or skateboards all day with other no-hopers. Some may even cause trouble by vandalism, shoplifting, burglary, bashings etc.

Most have been known to use drugs and drink and smoke constantly. Most think that they're "tough bastards" and that they're "cool".

The average no-hoper usually wears "baggy" loose fitting jeans with chains hanging off and a T-shirt. Some may even wear a baseball cap.

They are usually seen on their bikes, skateboards etc. They may also hang out in the streets late at night.

Some however, may not cause any trouble; but really, who knows what they do when they're left unseen!
no-hoper: do you wanna buy some drugs?
kid: sorry but I don't do drugs!
no-hoper: buy 'em NOW or I'll beat the shit out of you!
by PooHead69 May 5, 2008
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An operator who manipulates others by appealing to emotions, using visual and verbal hypnosis techniques to obviate discussion or analysis of the root causes of problems.
Ronald Reagan was the 'communicator,' the Bush child called himself 'the decider.' Barack Obama? The 'hoperator.'
by Shlomo Hussein January 22, 2009
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No Hoper
A term for a lazy drug addict family with no hope into the future and lies about everything that pops into their head generally also known as a ‘Cooke’.
Girl 1- He lied about everything and was a no hoper.

Girl 2- Oh! He must of been a Cooke!
by No Hoper March 14, 2023
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someone with no hope of being intelligent or employed
he was such a bloody no-hoper
by goingfr;noaeghun March 20, 2022
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1. The practice of getting your friends jobs where you work.
2. The practice of creating a job for friends in a corporation where you work. Even though the job is complete bullshit.
Once I am a CEO I am going to hip-hoperize corporate america and get all my boys jobs.

by Frantz August 9, 2006
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A girl who goes from one homie to the other in a matter of days to weeks
Amanda was just with Brian 3 days ago now shes with his bestfriend Adam next week she'll be with Adams bestfriend shes such a homie hoper
by Beast hoodrat February 21, 2017
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