Common slang used by straight, gamer women and men to request rough, primal, ball-slapping intercourse with each other.
by Cheeki von Breeki March 19, 2021
A slang used by pedophiles disguised as minors to attract other minors to groom them.
Pedophile : Hop on ROBLOX
Child : You sick human being.
by Demofisher December 30, 2022
A slang for rough oral sex using Official ROBLOX toys as items for satisfaction.
"Hey Bro, tryna Hop On ROBLOX later"
"Listen I know your mentally ill but this isn't an exception-"
by Kip Da Boi August 16, 2022
Slang for having a gay orgy with anyone participating
"Hey want to hop on roblox piggy? I got 4 other people willing to join."
by darealbarackobama June 11, 2021